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by shimmering stars

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These are a number of demos recorded in Kamloops, BC in 2010/2011. 5 of these songs appeared on the tape 'It's Just As Well,' released by San Diego-based label Trivial Pursuit.

Shimmering Stars is a three-piece dream pop act from Vancouver, BC, Canada. The music embodies an attempt at drawing out and illuminating the subtle darkness inherent in the seemingly wholesome, innocent music of the 1950s and 60s. The result filters older influences like the Everly Brothers, Del Shannon, Phil Spector, and Bo Diddley through a contemporary indie lens. Songs about being in love, not being in love, the painfully modern condition of floating in a state of suspended adolescence – all tinted with the slight self-deprication of knowing how trite it is to be writing songs about these things at all.

The band began as a recording project in Spring 2010. After stumbling upon some old live footage of the Everly Brothers, Rory McClure holed up in his parent’s garage in Kamloops, British Columbia to record the first demos. That first recording environment rendered Shimmering Stars’ distinctly dusty atmospheric sound and established a conscious insertion into the garage music continuum.

Shimmering Stars is:
Rory McClure - Guitar, Vox
Andrew Dergousoff - Drums, Vox
Brent Sasaki - Bass, Vox


released July 1, 2010



all rights reserved


shimmering stars Vancouver, British Columbia

damaged pop.

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Track Name: i'm gonna try
walking down the street and i wanna kill everyone i see
how come i don't like anyone that i meet?
and despite my antipathy i am longing to be someone better
in my heart is a violence that i cannot dispel
i've lost my mind i'm losing you it's just as well
i'm gonna throw on these old jeans i'm gonna head out on the street
i'm gonna dream up a new dream and i'm gonna dance to a brand new beat
i'm gonna find a new desire then i'm gonna set this town on fire
i'm wearing a smile and it's fake but right now it has to be
cause i know that love is the only thing that's gonna save me
i'm gonna try
Track Name: let it be me (cover)
i bless the day i found you
i want to stay around you
and so i beg you let it be me
don't take this heaven from one
if you must cling to someone
now and forever let it be me
each time we meet love i find complete love
without your sweet love what would life be?
so never leave me lonely
tell me you love me only
and that you'll always let it be me
Track Name: east van girls
we shared a glance at a thrift store on hastings
and i smiled at you and you scowled at me
you and your entourage got on your shitty bikes
i watched you from the line-up with my chest on fire
got on your bikes and headed east
got on your bikes and headed east
in my mind your headed east
but is it too far east for me?
Track Name: sabians
when we were animals and we wandered
through the forest in the twilight
underneath the canopy that hides the stars
but our desires shine naked and true
we were members of a star worshipping cult
in 6th century syria
wandering through the desert and chasing shooting stars
i tracked you down to industrial town
wreckage surrounds you when i found you
the heart of winter you were crying
you couldn't speak i've been chasing you in my dreams
i will find you