7" split w/ his clancyness

by shimmering stars

(free) 02:21


Split 7" w/ His Clancyness. Released Oct 31, 2011 on Splendour Records.

Side A:
1) Carve a Peach - His Clancyness
2) Don't Worry Just Understand - His Clancyness
Side AA:
1) Not Growing Up - Shimmering Stars
2) Greyhound Romance - Shimmering Stars

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released October 31, 2011



all rights reserved


shimmering stars Vancouver, British Columbia

damaged pop.

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Track Name: not growing up
over-privileged, out of school, always underemployed
oh ambition where'd you go now i'm floating in the void
free to dream and free to be anything and it's crippling

everyone i know is cracking up
wanna get somewhere but just get stuck
growing old but not growing up
Track Name: greyhound romance
got on in merritt you were across the aisle
i caught your eye and i think i saw you smile
your hair is black yeah my heart's beating so fast
i know nothing ever really lasts

i've got no place to go
and nothing to believe
when you smiled at me

you said come on, come on honey
come next to me

pretty soon we're sailing through the prairies
under the stars we're talking 'bout our dreams
i wanna tell you but i hope it doesn't scare you
i'm so messed up god i'm glad i found you